How to Pick a Realtor That Will Actually Sell Your Home – 10 Questions You Should Ask!

1. What area do you cover?

Does the agent your interviewing know about the area your home is in? Learn through conversation if your agent knows about the local schools, where the best burger in town is and the strengths of YOUR neighborhood.

2. What is your ratio of buyer to sellers?

Does your agent only work with sellers or do they work with both buyers and sellers. This is good to know when it comes to selling your home, if the agent procures a buyer for your home, will you be ok with them acting as a dual agent(representing both buyer and seller)? If your working with good people this isn’t a problem, but just something to be aware of.

3. What is your average number of clients at a time?

It is good to hire an agent that is busy making deals, but you also want an agent that will put the time in to market your property. Choose an agent that both has the time for you and is successful.

4. Do you work with a team?

Does your agent have a team? Do they have an assistant or co-list with another agent, have you met the other members of the team that will be representing you?

5. What methods of communication do you use to stay in touch and give updates?

Take note of agents that communicate in a similar manner as you. If you want to talk on the phone with your agent, yet they prefer to text or email all info, this could make proper communication difficult.

6. Do you have preferred or recommended vendors?

A seasoned real estate agent has connections with everyone! From the best plumber to an exquisite home stager and they are happy to share these connections and support local businesses.

7. Do you have a list of references?

Not all realtors will have this on hand, but it is something you should receive before you make a decision. Not all agents will want to give out phone numbers of past clients, but they will have a list of reviews for you to read.

8. How much is my home worth and how did you arrive at that number?

Learn the methods that your agent uses to arrive at their number. Did they use multiple methods to gauge the going cost per square foot or did they just use one. A competent agent should use a combination of ways to arrive at a number.

9. What type of property do you normally sell?

Does the agent specialize in single family residences or are they a condo queen? Its good to know where their experience and strengths lie.

10. Do They have a social media presence?

Your agent doesn’t have to have a million followers, but it is good if they have some presence and another outlet to market your property. People like to look at home online, whether that be Zillow or Instagram.

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